Customer Appreciation Rewards Program - "CARS"


Thank you Evergreen, Conifer, Genesee, Lookout Mountain and all of our Mountain area residents for your support and patronage during the last 10 years! As a way of showing our appreciation for the support of all of the residents of our mountain communities we are glad to implement the following rewards system.

Please spend some time reviewing the categories below to find out how this program can and will benefit you, your friends and relatives, charities and the entire population of our mountain areas.

Click on each link below to read more about earning and using your discounts.


Beginning October 1st 2009, each time you use our service you will be earning credits towards major discounts on future transportation to and from our area airports!

Each time you use our service for transportation to or from any of our area airports you will accrue one DISCOUNT CREDIT POINT that can be used towards a future airport trip.
When you book us for a round trip you will earn 2 DISCOUNT CREDIT POINTS.

Accumulate 10 points and you will have earned one DISCOUNTED ONE-WAY airport trip.
Accumulate 20 points and you will have earned one DISCOUNTED ROUND TRIP airport trip.
(20 points can also be used for two individual one-way trips.).

Note: When you use your discounted trips, you will only be charged a fee equal to the normal driver wages and tips
usually associated with your cost for our service.

I.e. A trip to DIA trip will usually cost $111.00 to $134.00 all inclusive depending on your pick up or drop off location.
After you have ridden with us 10 times your 11th trip will cost only $38.00 to $45.00 (Actual driver wage and tips).
Addresses further than Evergreen Lake or Conifer Proper may have a higher cost some of which are figured in the above example.

NOTE: There are no forms to fill out and no cards to carry. We will keep track of all of your trips and points accumulated.
You may call anytime to inquire about the status of your discount credit points to help you plan a vacation etc.


During our 10 years in business we have found that our customer referrals are a major reason we have had a successful business for so long.
We value your patronage and appreciate your referrals so much that we will be glad to credit your account with 1 additional discount credit point every time you refer a new customer to us! (New customers are persons that set up a trip with us and pay us directly)

Adding this bonus feature to our program will allow those patrons that do not travel extensively or on a regular basis to accrue points at a faster rate and reap the benefit of earning a discounted trip at an earlier time than normal.

Also, the customer you have referred to us will begin accruing their own discount credit points on their very first trip.



After you have accumulated 10 credit points you will be eligible to receive one discounted one way airport or train station trip.
Accumulate 20 points and you can use them for a discounted round trip or 2 one way trips at different times.

Discounted rides apply to cost of car only. As such, the cost is calculated on OUR base price for service to or from the location you usually specify for pick up or drop off before we add driver tips, wages and miscellaneous fees.
Extra stops and items requested by the rider will incur extra charges.

Note: on discounted rides, you will only be charged a fee equal to the driver wages and tips.
Usually costs are only $38.00 to $45.00 (Actual driver wage and tips).

Of course, CORPORATE TRAVELERS can use their discounted trip for personal trips just as you would use your air miles awarded by the airlines when you have traveled for business purposes.
No points will be awarded when you use your discounted trips, HOWEVER, you will start to accumulate a new set of discount points on the next paid trip taken with us.


We would like to encourage everyone to be charitable towards those persons who may not be as fortunate as others or that may have fallen on bad times and be in need of a little help.
For that reason we will be glad to honor your request that we use your credits to provide transportation for another person or organization.

As such, you CAN give your earned discounted trips to a CHARITY, friend, relative, secretary, co-worker or of your choice.
Some restrictions do apply. i.e. If the recipientís pick up or drop off location is further from the airport than your usual pick up/drop off location, the amount of their discounted trip will be the actual cost of a trip from their location minus the amount of your discounted trip and driver wages and tips. All other unusual needs and guidelines for giving away trips may also apply and are at the sole discretion of Evergreen Limo.

Also your account will be debited the same amount of credit points as if you were taking the trip from your location. The person accepting the free trip will be responsible for any and all extra charges pertaining to their transportation. Of course you may choose to pay these extra charges yourself if you wish, so the recipient of the trip will have a truly FREE trip rather than a discounted trip.

If the scheduled free trip is CLOSER than your usual pick up/ drop off location your account will be debited for the correct amount of points usually allocated for your normal pick up/drop off location.


We reserve the right to change any and all details of this program at our discretion and with no notification to our customers.
In some circumstances a fuel surcharge and other miscellaneous charges may be added to cover high fuel prices & costs associated with your specific trip that are out of our control.
Your discounted trip CAN NOT be used during our peak times such as Thanksgiving week, Christmas to New Years week, New Years day or any other nationally observed holidays. Other dates may not be allowed as deemed necessary by Evergreen Limo.
You may not redeem any discount credit points until you have accumulated a minimum of 10 discounted credit points. Any extra discount credit points left on your account will remain valid towards a later trip.
Discount credit points must be earned within a 2 year period. After this period each 25th months credits will drop off on a monthly basis thus keeping your points standings current.

Contact Us - 303-462-3200 - - PUC # LL-00885

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